The rivalry continues, watch the next chapter live from Columbus, Ohio.

Mexico will face the U.S. National soccer team one more time, a game where the expectations run high. The U.S. soccer squad has won most of the last meetings by a score of 2-0. Mexican citizens know that it´s always a nightmare when playing in the freezing temperatures of Columbus.

But why fear our Northern neighbor so much if soccer is ours, it´s the sport we are proud of and know how to play better than the U.S.

Mexico has face the U.S. soccer team in 55 occasions with a favorable record of 33 victory´s. Over the years Mexico has always been the favorite in Concacaf but since 1985 to date the U.S. squad has won more battles between both of these nations. The U.S. has a record of 16 victory´s, 11 draws and 11 losses. Every year the US soccer fans gain more interest for the game and with a record like this they´ve seen very confident.

Mexico has a lot of talent to display of, most of the players on the squad play in big european leagues. Soccer is ours! Our Mexican soccer team needs to show everyone in NorthAmerica who rules the continent.